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Oils, fluids and greases for Commercial, Auto and Marine



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Champion Lubes supplies Oils, fluids and greases for Commercial, Auto and Marine engines and vehicles.



Shock Absorbers, Electronics, Steering, Breaking and other Systems.



TRW Automotive, with its global headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, is a primary developer and producer of active and passive safety systems and ranks among the world’s leading automotive suppliers. It is one of the largest suppliers in the industry, reporting 2013 sales of $17.4 billion.

As the global leader in automotive safety, TRW serves all major vehicle manufacturers worldwide with an established footprint that includes more than 65,000 employees working at 185 facilities in 24 countries. TRW maintains 22 technical centers and 13 test tracks in vital markets around the world.

The world of automotive safety is rapidly changing as the convergence of active and passive safety systems become the foundation for automated driving functions. TRW is already providing many driver assist and semi-automated functions today, such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, blind spot detection, lane change assist, emergency steering assist, and emergency brake assist and collision mitigating. To follow TRW on its automated driving journey, visit its AutoSafety blog at



Anti-vibration systems, seals, thermal and acoustic insulation, fluid transfer and transmission systems




Automotive and Heavy Trucks. Using our expertise to serve our customers’ projects.

A premium partner for car makers

Hutchinson contributes to the production of the main vehicle functions worldwide. We are always coming up with new ways of improving comfort and safety for the end customer, drawing on our expertise in anti-vibration systems, seals, thermal and acoustic insulation, fluid transfer and transmission systems.


Lucas Batteries

Commercial, Auto and Marine Batteries


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AE Engine Parts and Belts

Commercial vehicle, Light vehicle Engine Parts & Belts


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Champion Lubes supplies Oils, fluids and greases for Commercial, Auto and Marine engines and vehicles.



Gaskets & Oil Seals

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Payen® brings the aftermarket award-winning sealing solutions, with cutting-edge head gaskets and gasket kits for virtually all automotive applications.


Lucas Electrical

Sensors, Fuel Pumps, Bulbs, Coils and injectors


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Brake pads, discs, hydraulics, fluids, shoes kits and accessories.

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Ferodo, the first name in brakes, was founded in England in 1897 and led the development of friction materials in their modern form. Today, our Ferodo brake products are designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications and provide the following:

Safe and reliable braking performance
Extended service life
OE technologies and innovative solutions for the aftermarket

The Ferodo brand of brake products also delivers superior performance in the racing and rally car circuits, giving our engineers the experience and knowledge to develop friction solutions for the most demanding braking situations. Ferodo provides the ultimate in braking for those who will accept nothing less than the best.

Federal-Mogul’s aftermarket customers benefit from Ferodo’s proven expertise in engineering and manufacturing OE components. We offer an increasing array of innovative technologies designed to solve a problem, make the job easier or improve vehicle performance.



Steering and Chassis Parts

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Committed to Improving Performance and Solving Problems

Federal-Mogul’s Moog® brand, which has been manufacturing chassis, steering and suspension components in the United States since 1919, is also a growing force in Europe. Our patented innovations provide a foundation for offering fully integrated chassis systems, with parts that deliver improved performance, better handling, added durability and enhanced quality.

Federal-Mogul engineers combine the Moog brand’s commitment to track-tested performance with a problem-solving design philosophy. As a result, our products improve on original equipment parts and our designs are technician-friendly, offering steering solutions that make the repair easier and improve the overall repair for automotive technicians.

Moog chassis parts use lightweight materials for reduced vehicle weight, increased flexing and durability. The parts are designed and built to strict OE requirements and tested in world-class OE testing facilities.

Professional technicians trust and value the Moog name because of our reputation for solving problems. Vehicle owners who use Moog parts enjoy responsive handling and the return of a “like-new” feel to their steering. And for more than 39 years, every NASCAR® Cup champion has relied on Moog ball joints for performance and durability.



Ignition, Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs, Diesel Cold Start, Cooling and Sensors

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Champion Spark Plugs


Pro Technic

Brakes, Shocks, C.V Joints, Batteries, Wiper Blades, Drive Shafts, Water Pumps and Accessories

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Every year the products of Protechnic® become increasingly popular amongst the customers of the whole Europe.
The brand of Protechnic® entails products from renown suppliers in the automotive branch. In many cases, these are manufacturers who deliver products for the OE (original equipment).

Spare car parts by Protechnic® first appeared in Poland in 2004. Their introduction was a reply to the growing need
of the market to give all car users an alternative of a good product at a good price.

Since 6th of May 2005 Protechnic® has been a registered trademark protected by patent law in the territory of the whole Europe. For our customers this is a guarantee of origin and high quality of the products.

From the moment of our debut in the Polish market the number of products in the offer of Protechnic® has grown continuously.

The foundation of our brand is the full range of spare parts for the brake system supplemented with C.V. joints, water pumps and wiper blades.

In order to guarantee the best quality of our products to our recipients, we control them continuously. The control starts even before the product is included in the sales.

The production process is monitored by engineers who make sure constantly that all products meet the European norms. Positive results of their actions are the key indicator of the possibility to introduce a product in the offer
of Protechnic®.

All parts in the offer of Protechnic® have product quality certificates and a one year guarantee.



Spark Plugs, Glow Plugs, Coils, Sensors, High Tension Leads

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Thermonstats and thermostatic components



Vernet is a French manufacturer and the world leader in thermostatic components in three sectors: sanitary and heating, engine thermostats and industrial applications, and aftermarket.

Founded in 1927, first under the Calorstat© name and later as Vernet, the company has been equipping millions of mechanisms for decades, including thermostatic control valves, radiators, underfloor heating, ventilators and car, tractor and aircraft engines. Vernet still uses the famous Calorstat© brand to distribute spare parts all over the world.

Vernet designs, manufactures and markets its thermostatic components at its two manufacturing sites in France:

Ollainville: the company’s head office and a 9,000-sqm manufacturing site
Cinq-Mars-La-Pile: a 6,000-sqm production site that primarily manufactures components for the sanitary and heating business and distributes spare parts.



Tensioners and Bearings




L’azienda nasce nel 1980 e dall’inizio si specializza nel settore dei cuscinetti.

Le branches costituenti la società sono due, una dedicata al settore industriale, l’altra all’automotive aftermarket.

Il settore industriale coinvolge l’azienda nella distribuzione di cuscinetti industriali, con l’aggiunta di alcune lavorazioni interne di barre di acciaio e profilati in alluminio.

L’automotive aftermarket nasce dalla creazione dei primi kit cuscinetti ruota e abbraccia fin dagli albori il settore tendicinghia, con la distribuzione dei primi riferimenti già dal 1982.

Il 1994 rappresenta per il settore automotive aftermarket l’anno fondamentale di cambiamento del sistema distributivo dell’azienda sul mercato e getta le basi reali di quello che oggi rappresenta C.D.C. CENTRO DISTRIBUZIONE CUSCINETTI S.r.l.

Dal 1998 l’azienda concentra tutte le risorse sull’automotive aftermarket, strutturandosi nella ricerca e sviluppo dei propri prodotti, ampliando costantemente la propria gamma di kit cuscinetti ruota e tendicinghia, sviluppando cataloghi e gamme in modo costante e consolidando la propria rete di vendita in Italia e all’estero.

Nel corso degli anni le famiglie prodotto sono nate e si sono sviluppate fino ad arrivare al pacchetto prodotti oggi fornibile:

- 1981 Kit cuscinetti ruote
- 1982 Tendicinghia distribuzione ed organi ausiliari
- 2001 Ruote libere per alternatori
- 2002 Dischi freno con cuscinetto integrato
- 2005 Kit distribuzione tendicinghia
- 2007 Pulegge smorzatrici albero motore

echnological change means innovation and this is the philosophy pursued by UFI Filters. Founded in 1972 as a supplier of filters to the automotive world, the company UFI Filters Spa nowadays represents a dynamic and diversified group with various activities all over the world.

The ever increasing number of vehicle manufacturers who choose UFI Filters as their original equipment supplier is testimony to our outstanding reputation on the market. This is a reputation based upon highly qualified technicians, engineers, research and sales teams capable of giving an competitive edge to the company and a high level of visibility to our Avantguard products.

UFI have developed an impressive series of high technology patent pending in their laboratory. Amongst which the high water separation H2O diesel filters and the ecological oil and diesel filters for the new generation of multi jet engines.

The same know-how the same materials the same technology used for original equipment are all applied directly to aftermarket production. The aftermarket business unit caters to the market with tailor made solutions for each individual customer. The aftermarket team is in the field everyday dealing with the challenges facing its customers. Supporting them as a supplier and a partner ready to intervene at every level and to respond to market development before the competition…



Water and Fuel Pumps


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GP s.r.l. started up as a machine workshop in 1950 for the production of water pumps for commercial vehicles.

In the 60’s the range has been increased starting the production of water pumps for cars, placing the basis for a export dedicated production.

A new line of products has been introduced in the 70’s: the mechanical fuel and feed pumps.
In 2002 GP s.r.l. has been purchased by imasaf group,(imasaf is italian leader for the production of exhaust mufflers)devolping, trough imasaf’s exclusive dealers, the presence on the italian market. The quality system has been certified to UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 and in september 2003 to UNI EN ISO 14001

Advanced development of thermostat inserts: all components, including thermostat insert, cover, and seal, are optimally integrated in the integral thermostat. The integral thermostat can be directly flange-mounted on the engine block.


Autopumps International

Engine Oil Pumps and Repair Kits

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Specialist skills for a specialist market

30 years experience in the motor vehicle industry
Fast turnaround
Exceptional pre and post sales service
Full support guarantee
Pumps manufactured from their own tooling in QA approved factories
Commitment to excellence and reliability
Rapid developments of new quality product in low volume at competitive prices.

C.F. S.r.l. is a well established Italian rebuilder company of auto spare parts, having its corporate headquarter and production facilities in Italy.

C.F. S.r.l. was founded in 2000 by Mr Francesco Caponetto and it is present on the international and national market since the beginning of its activity.

The company is able to rebuild all parts of the steering system of all car models, also for commercial vehicles, and offers a wide range of spare parts that covers all the European, American and Asiatic cars, with a continuously updated stock with the newest references for the after-market.

Main C.F. S.r.l. products are:

- Rebuilt Power Steering Racks both LHD and RHD
- Brand New Power Steering Pumps
- Brand New or Rebuilt Electric Power Steering Pumps
- Rebuilt EPS
- Brand New Manual Steering Racks both LHD and RHD

C.F. S.r.l. has always looked for high quality standards. Over the years, it has won several awards at several international fairs in the automotive sector. Continuously it devotes attention to the improvement of all stages of production and management, to the modernization of equipment and to a periodic training of personnel.

The company philosophy focuses on quality, reliability, longevity and safety of the product, customer satisfaction and unbeatable value for money.

C.F. S.r.l. staff consists of:

- Highly skilled technicians, with decades of experience;

- Qualified sales team, young, multilingual and always attentive to the novelty of the market and to customer’s needs;

- A well-organized logistic department that has a constantly updated inventory.

C.F. S.r.l. offers assistance and consultancy pre and post sales.


Lucas Driveline

Wheel bearing kits, Transmission kits, Clutch kits, Suspension mount kits


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The Lucas Driveline products are covering a wide range of applications.

Driveline products are Wheel bearing kits, Transmission kits, Clutch kits, Suspension mount kits



Tensioners and Bearings